About Us

Loop Weather Services is a two-person company setting out to make weather better. What’s that mean?

It’s simple: We care deeply about delivering quality products services at great prices, without compromising on privacy. We’re not mining unnecessary information, we’re not serving up privacy-invading advertising, and we’re not sharing user data with Facebook groups in the name of “protection”…because it’s just not in our blood.

So how do we do it? We streamline our services—and keep them streamlined—then, we pass the savings onto you in the form of a less expensive alternative to existing services. We’re not doing this to get rich, though we’d certainly love to see a successful company. We’re just being the change we’d like to see in our industry, and that’s all there is to us.

We’re starting with Loop Weather, a new take on the weather app. We want it to be smarter than—and visually unlike—any of its peers. It’s easy to make a weather app, but it’s a lot harder to make one that stands out and does it well…and that’s what we’re doing.

Our Values

Principles over profit. If we’re making money by doing something that’s not right, then we’d rather not make money at all. We don’t have bankers or investors to answer to, so we answer to you first and ourselves second.

Make weather better. We talked about it above, but we want to make weather better by advancing the industry through great services you can use, as well as research in meteorology and technology that allows us to improve your experience.

Make the planet better. Where we discover opportunities to lessen our impact on the environment, we will. Loop is almost entirely paperless (seriously, a few sheets each year), and we’re working on moving our operations to 100% renewable energy within the next year or two.

Privacy matters. We’re not here to mine your data for analytics or selling ads. While most weather services serve ads in exchange for a free app or website, we go against the grain in believing that people are willing to pay for good work done.

Support matters. Our support email goes straight to both co-founders’ inboxes. Should we fall short of your expectations, we’re always interested in making things right as best we can, and you won’t even have to ask for a supervisor.

The Team

Henry Healy

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan Thornton

Co-Founder & Chief Experience Officer