Privacy Policy

At Loop Weather Services, your privacy is considered through everything we do from the start, not as an afterthought. In every product or service we develop, we strive to collect the least possible amount of user information and retain it for the shortest reasonable time. Our business model is based on selling access to our products, not our users’ data, because weather is our business and what you do is yours.

This page details our approach to privacy to tell you what data we collect, how long we keep it, and what we do with it for each of our services.

All services

The information below is collected for users of all Loop Weather Services products, services, and websites.

All Loop Weather Services products, services, and websites are served over HTTPS only, meaning that all data is encrypted in transit.

Loop Weather for Apple platforms

In addition to the information collected for all services, the information below may be collected from users of Loop Weather for Apple platforms, versions 1.2 and later.

Special cases and other notes