Privacy is of utmost concern in creating every Loop Weather Services product and feature. This page spells out how we feel about privacy and goes on to our full privacy policy.

There are a few core ideas that form our privacy policy:

  • If there’s something we don’t absolutely need to know, we won’t ask.
  • The best way to avoid “issues” with ads is to not have ads.
  • Store identifiable information as securely and as briefly as is reasonable.
  • Be as transparent as is reasonably possible with users regarding the privacy policy.

So, without further ado, below is our full privacy policy, which gets more into legal specifics than the above statements.

Our Privacy Policy

First things first: By using the Loop Weather Services website, or any of our products or services, you consent to this privacy policy. If you do not consent, please go somewhere else and use other services immediately.

We’ll do the best we reasonably can to notify you when we inevitably change this privacy policy from time to time, whether it’s to add information on a new product or just clarify a sentence or two. We’ll make at least one post on our Facebook and Twitter notifying our users of substantial changes to this policy. (That doesn’t include very minor things, like fixing a typo.)

Next, and most importantly, the information we collect from you as you use our products and services, and how we use (or don’t use) that information.

In General

We do our best to collect as little information as possible about our users. However, many of our products and services may use cookies to keep track of information pertinent to a user’s experience, such as a login session. While some sites have found very “creative” uses for cookies, we will use cookies only for information directly relevant to Loop Weather Services products.

We will never sell access to your personal information to third parties, and we will not have advertisements in our products.

We don’t foresee a situation in which a government agency requests information for one of our users as part of a legal matter, but if we do receive such a request, we will comply with the narrowest reasonable amount of information. If it is legal to do so, we will make an attempt to notify the user of this request.

Likewise, we do not foresee an acquisition of Loop Weather Services by another company, but if Loop Weather Services is acquired, your information is likely to follow it to its new corporate home.

In your accessing any Loop Weather Services website, service, or product, our server(s) record your IP address in access logs. This information does not identify you to us directly, but can be used to identify you under extenuating circumstances.

In general, we will regularly purge our access logs and will not actively monitor them, but there are exceptions. For example, in the event that someone launches an attack on our websites or services, we reserve the right to share the IP address(es) pertinent to the suspected offender(s) with relevant law enforcement agencies and telecommunications firms in order to pursue further action.

Loop Weather

Loop Weather requires access to your current location in order to function. There are a few things we’d like to mention regarding your location information:

  • Loop Weather rounds your location coordinates to the nearest tenth of a degree before sending it to our servers. iOS gives access to much finer precision in Location Services, but we don’t need that level of detail, and neither do you.
  • These rounded locations may be briefly stored in a non-identifiable fashion for data caching purposes. We cache weather data for up to 15 minutes in order to cut costs, since our data provider charges us based on how often we use their service. In doing this, our servers briefly store a file which contains the rounded location.
  • To be absolutely clear, we never receive your exact location. The location coordinates we receive could be off by as much as a few miles, which will basically never impact the quality of the data you receive.
  • Your location is never tied to you individually. We have no method of tracking, storing, selling, or otherwise accessing individual Loop Weather users’ location data or history.

Loop Weather does not make use of user accounts, so we do not receive email addresses, phone numbers, users’ names, or anything beyond generalized location data (and IP addresses, as mentioned above).