Your privacy matters to us at Loop Weather Services. These aren’t just empty words meant to make you feel better: In designing every product we make, every service we create, our users’ privacy is among our first concerns, not an afterthought.

We try to design our products so that we can’t track the details of your usage. We work under a couple of principles: If we don’t need some identifiable information to deliver a better user experience, we don’t ask for it. For the little identifiable information we may collect, we do our best to protect it, and we never share it. Last, but not least, we’ll never put ads in our products.

Below are some specific details about how we treat your data.

IP addresses

When a user accesses any Loop Weather Services website, product, or service, the user’s IP address is stored in our servers’ access logs along with the time and the information they were requesting. We do not monitor these access logs and will only utilize the information contained within the logs in the event of abuse by a specific user or set of users.

Access logs are retained on our servers for approximately 14 days before being deleted permanently. In the event of abuse, we may retain any access logs relevant to the incident for a longer period of time pending possible legal action.

Loop Weather

Loop Weather requires access to a user’s location. This location information, which is obfuscated slightly from the exact location coordinates, is sent to our servers in a way that is not stored in our access logs. It is encrypted in transit and is only ever used to serve weather data for your location.

Weather data for a given location is cached for up to 15 minutes on our servers, in no identifiable fashion, before being automatically, permanently deleted. While it is theoretically possible to track usage by location through this cached information, we do not track this information—it is only used to cut down on information requests from our data provider.

In your use of Loop Weather, Apple collects some basic information about your usage of the app, giving us a rough idea of how much the app is being used and the causes of any app crashes. None of this information is identifiable and you can opt-out of this analytics collection at any time in the Settings app on your device.

Government requests

We do not foresee any circumstance under which a government entity would request information about a user of our products and services. Should one arise, though, we will deliver the narrowest possible set of information about the user upon receipt of valid legal process.